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The comedian, the singer, the impersonator, but more importantly the voice for the hurting!

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Michael had always thought about doing drag, since seeing his first drag show when he was in his early 20's at the Beach in Painesville, OH.  It so happened to come true with his best friend the late Kyle Bell pushed him to get into it, do what he wanted for a change, "if its your dream then do it, its your life!"  And after talks and trips to watch drag shows at the Funky Skunk in Warren, OH. Michael found his drag family!  One evening his new drag father Skyler Styles and two queens drove to Ashtabula to paint the mug, naming her Mona Lotz, and the rest is HER-story!


Being no stranger to the stage and character developement, Michael had no trouble creating his new persona Mona Lotz.  Three months after starting drag, Mona competed in her first pageant and was crowned Miss Funky Skunk 2013, and later that year win Mrs. Akron Cocktails.  She was a hostess of her own show a tthe Skunk and later as as a hostess and show director of Utopia Video Nightclub in Youngstown, Oh.  She would later be crowned Miss Youngstown Pride Emeritas and Miss Backroom 76 Emeritas and win the title and forever be Miss Total Twisted Sponsored by Keyanna and Xavier D

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When the economy started to fail and money was tight for everyone, Michael put the heels away along with costumes and wigs and retired Mona.  He had always kept her as a business and the money she made would be used for her only, to buy new things.   So when people stopped going out to the clubs the money wasn't coming in and he had no choice but to stop doing something he loved.  But when things started opening up again from the attack ofCovid-19, Mona came back to Utopia to host Drag and Brunch which would sell out every show.  Mona still performs at local venues and host a Friday Night Drag Party with Danyel Vasquez at Utopia in Youngstown, OH.  Most importantly Mona helped organize and host the very first PRIDE help in her home county of Ashtabula for two years and devotes most of her time as an entertainer by being an outreach and a mouthpiece for the LGBTQ+ community and for those hurting from past traumas which is where Lotz of Tea was created from!

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Coming  back was not just a ditch effort to bring back the nightlife where it all stopped years prior, but instead was to use Mona as a tool to speak out against the hate and ignorance and to protect the innocent members of her community.  Read more on the Lotz of Tea page.

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