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Adam Caar

Simple & Fresh

Our basic plan is affordable for any budget.  This sleek single page design holds all of your key information with tabs to take the viewer to the section of their choice, instead of another page.   

Plan includes: 

  • Consult to collaborate

  • Web domain for one year

  • One proof with changes

  • Maintenance for a year

  • One annual change to page


For the "extra"  business person

This site package contains everything from the Business but includes some extras like:

  • Five proofs by deadline 

  • Advanced Logo creation

  • unlimited additions and changes

  • Unlimited email and flyer production

  • and more...   

                 (Don't see something you want?  just ask!)

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Most Popular

Our Best Plan packages just about every bell and whistle you can think of and still at a great reasonable price.  You get up to ten pages designed specidically for your needs, that showcase your business to the fullest!

This plan includes:

  • Consultation

  • Web domain paid for one year

  • Two proofs with changes

  • Monthly changes and additions welcomed

  • Maintenance for a year

  • Logo design or redesign

  • Online store set up

  • Subscribers and Emails...

add on.jpg

More Bells & Whistles

The following are sold separately or can be added to any plan at a discount:

  • NEW Logo Creation

  • Redesign Logo

  • Web Page Add On (after proof or between change eligibility)    

  • Business Emails  (

  • Email Campaign (Business Letter Emails sent to mass contacts)

  • Online Forms

  • Presentations -like Power Point

  • Events and Ticket Sales Online

  • Need matching documents? 

        We got you covered on that too

  • Don't see it?  Just ask if we can 

        create it

Graphic Design

Photo Fake Outs and Take outs

FAKE OUTS: are just that, adding, changing, or enhancing a photo for use in publication.


Not only has the color been changed several times, but the person is removed and...      notice anything else?

We have added an entire arm and hand and a section of feathers that the person was covering up!  Possibilities are endless.


National Drag Queen Ledgend
Danyel Vasquez

TAKE OUTS:  remove people, objects, animals, etc from a picture or simply need the topic removed from a picture and added someplace else.


A total revamp of the original pic.  Turned golden to match logo, which we redesigned to be more shiny and oval.  The distortion represents the music flowing out of the DJ. 

Mansfield, Ohio's own
DJ C-Rob


Photo Editing

Change your pics into something different and sure to catch the eye!


Painted Effect

Night Life Effect

Instagram Sensation from Indiana, PA 

Double Up

Black & White

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Promotional & Advertisements

FLyers and SOcial Media Ads.jpg
Flyers and Ads for print or social media


Gen Adv.jpg
Nat 5.png
Photo Cards
(These particular ones were made for autographs)
Merch Templates for Threadless  or other sites
We will set up your site for you if you wish
and design your merch for it
Ellen Button_edited.png
Buttons & Magnets
(Have your own maker?  we can make the template!
Don't have one?  We can make them for you!)
EVQ BIC1.jpg
BIC Lighter Templates

Check These Out

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logo back_edited.jpg

All your office needs and 50% off with a LOGO!


Email Signatures

Business Cards

If you don't see it, it doesn't mean we don't or can't design it. 
After all we didn't do any of this until
we decided to make our vision a reality too!

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