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Our 1st episode in over a year!

Future and Past LIVES

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Lotz of Tea

"Helping Hurting Hearts!"

Lotz of Tea started in 2021, as a fun type of talk show after Mona reached 10k followers on TikTok,  She went live to thank the new followers and after an hour of talking and singing the 1,000's watching told her to make this a regular "thing," so she did!  She interviewed local performers and legends she knew through the years as a performer and discussed current events happening around the country, but after taking a new job that was demanding of her time (Michael's that is) she had to quickly give up the show due to lack of time.  

In January 2023, Mona talked to her production crew about bringing the show back on but with a new focus.  This focus would be to help those hurting and to educate and give a safe space for all to meet.  They all were in agreeance and quickly Mona found her co-host Large Marg, a licensed therapist who specialized in trauma.  The show would focus on topics that were important, whether popular to the likes of others or not, she and Marg were in agreeance to HELP THE HURTING!  

Join Lotz of Tea every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm EST on Facebook live, TikTok, or Youtube!

Have a question or a show topic idea?  Tell our hostesses!

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Our viewer's voices matters!

Mona Lotz

"J", Ohio

Great episode!  I can't wait for the trauma bond one, i have had trauma bonds my whole life to the point I made them with strangers, even with the man who robbed me at gun point and pistol whipped me!  I was convinced he was as much of a victim as me.  You truly do heal broken hearts on the Tea!

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Troubled in Ohio

         I didn’t know there was a name for what I was going through until I watched your podcast.  I didn’t even know I was abused until legal aid had a domestic violence advocate contact me.  I believed I drove my ex back to his disease over and over again.  It was all my fault! He trapped me in my own home for three years. Handicapped, I couldn’t get out without his help!  He and his friends have done so many horrible things to me, and still I begged him not to leave me.


I’m just waking up and trying to cope, feeling like a complete moron.  I’m in hiding, I can’t even give my children my location, because I am afraid he will say or do the right thing and swallow me up all over again.  And I know he will try the next time he’s out of money or in trouble!


I hope you will continue your healing podcasts! Some times it’s hard to see beyond our own bubble, hearing others going through what we’ve been through can give us courage to try to take that next step forward!  Thank you so very much!  I can’t wait to see the next one!


Much love, Troubled


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