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The World Is My Stage

For years a good friend of Michael's always says that the "World is his stage, and the rest of us just live here!"  He has always loved the stage, whether it be singing, acting, directing, or playing in an orchestra and he owns it! 


In 2021 started a TikTok account for Mona, Michael's drag persona, and within a week he had 10,000 followers.  Michael had decided to go live on Facebook and TikTok and thank those viewers for being supportive.  Well the 3,000+ viewing told him that he should start a regular talk show.  So the following week, joined two of his cousins, Nicole & Ashley, the start of "Lotz of Tea" began.  A new job Michael had taken was in high demand of his time and he could not devote time to do the broadcast anymore and the show fizzled out.


 In March 2023, after speaking to his crew, they decided to bring back the show after over a year of not airy and devote the show to "helping hurting hearts" and use the time to speak peace and love into other's lives!  They have devoted their efforts into helping others feel comfortable with who they are and to protect and educate those who are hurting and alone in this cruel world, and they  WILL NOT GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!


 "People talk about you, because they lost the privilege to talk to you!"

Mona Lotz

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